ION Controls Support

The ION Concept is one of Simplicity and Openness.

For instance the ION Micron Units with ION Core are all programmable and adjustable via their panel buttons and the ION CreatION graphic authoring,configuration and programming software is free issue to our approved ION System Integrators with no proprietary licensing or dongles.

The ION network communication options are open standard of MODBUS, BACnet and Ethernet via the ION SuperVZR that utilise standard cabling and connectors.

You will find our products to be of high quality and of robust design and require very little technical support, with 99.9% of all technical queries solved by reading the freely available datasheets and manuals.

  • Revolutionary, graphical programming application for ION Micron range of DDC controllers
  • Modbus compatible and Ethernet (Internet) and RS485 network capable
  • Function modules to meet all strategy programming requirements


- ION Core Technical Manual Click here